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Rosen Hyundai of Algonquin, IL

Rosen Motors recently opened a new facility for their new Hyundai EQUUS line.  The new 10,000 square foot building is the first stand-alone EQUUS dealership in the Chicago area with showroom display and service facilities.  Construction was by JC Harris, Inc. of Elgin, IL.

Best wishes to the entire Rosen Motors family…


Should It Be a Passivhaus or a Passive House?

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Where Do You Start A Renovation Project?

–A Zen saying… ” To climb a mountain, start at the top.


Create a concept, brainstorm, mental imagery… do any thought process without concern for cost.  If you lived in your home for a while, I’m sure there’s a few things that you’ve grown to hate that weren’t all that bad when you purchased.  Or you overlooked them, knowing they’d be fixed later.  Well later is coming.  Start making a list.  Organize the list by room.  Or organize the list by problem areas.  What you’re doing is developing a building program.

For example, when you moved in, you remembered having to take the hinges off the door to a bedroom or two.  Why did you do that?  Maybe you don’t care but good design considers these situations.  Maybe the original home builder put a closet in a room and just bumped out the wall and getting into the room was no problem EXCEPT when you spent hours trying to get a dresser into the room.

What’s Your Renovation Goal?

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